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Download the Polity5 Dataset from the Center for Systemic Peace website.


get_polity5(load = TRUE, del_file = TRUE, excel = TRUE, write_out = FALSE)



Logical to load downloaded data into local environment.


Logical to delete downloaded and unzipped files/directories after loading into the local environment.


Logical to download the .xls (TRUE) or the SAS .sav format (FALSE).


Logical to write the Polity 5 dataset to your local directory as a .csv file.


A data.frame of Polity5 country-year data.



The Polity5 project continues the Polity research tradition of coding the authority characteristics of states in the world system for purposes of comparative, quantitative analysis. The original Polity conceptual scheme was formulated and the initial Polity I data collected under the direction of Ted Robert Gurr and informed by foundational, collaborative work with Harry Eckstein, Patterns of Authority: A Structural Basis for Political Inquiry (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1975). The Polity project has proven its value to researchers over the years, becoming the most widely used resource for monitoring regime change and studying the effects of regime authority.


The Polity5 dataset contains 17,574 country-year observations and 37 variables. For more information regarding variable descriptions and other dataset documentation, please refer to the POLITY5: Political Regime Characteristics and Transitions, 1800-2018 Dataset Users’ Manual.


# \donttest{
polity <- demcon::get_polity5(excel = TRUE, del_file = TRUE, write_out = FALSE)# }